Housing Authority


Individuals appointed to the Board of Commissioners of the Aransas Pass Housing Authority shall serve as positive advocates of the mission of the Housing Authority. They shall serve with integrity, honesty, and objectivity. They shall work to raise awareness of the need for public housing; help create a positive image of the Housing Authority and work with the other Commissioners and Executive Director to further the goals of the Housing Authority as established by a majority of the Board. A commissioner is a team member, and the most important goal is to support the interest of the local housing agency and the community it serves. 

Composition and Terms

The Housing Authority is comprised of five (5) members appointed by the Mayor to serve as commissioners of the authority; at least one commissioner shall be a tenant of a public housing project over which the authority has jurisdiction. A commissioner may not be an officer or employee of the municipality (Sec. 392.031(b)).  Each member shall serve two-year terms.  The mayor shall designate one of the initial commissioners of a municipal housing authority as chairman.  Subsequently, when the office of chairman becomes vacant the authority shall select one of the commissioners as chairman.


The board meets on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Housing Authority Office

Member Names

Rene Thakor3/31/2024
Mary Jewel Kegler (Resident)3/31/2025
Stacey Durham3/31/2024
Cherri Ulch3/31/2024
Phyllis "Teddi" Schoeder3/31/2025