Parks Division


The Parks Division of Public Works is responsible for the daily maintenance of city parks and other Right of Way areas not contracted out for maintenance and mowing.


Maintenance includes:

  • Debris removal
  • Mowing of all City right of ways
  • Tree trimming

They are also responsible for:

  • Cleaning of three restroom facilities daily
  • Emptying and maintaining trash receptacles downtown
  • Inspection and repair of playground equipment at Community Park
  • Reservations for the Pavilion at Community Park and Newbury Park

Our Parks

  • Community Park
    Located on East Johnson Avenue
  • Harbor Park
    Located at Conn Brown Harbor
  • Highway 361
    The Flats
  • Lighthouse Lakes Trails Park
    Located on the Redfish Bay Causeway
  •  Newbury Park
    Located on South Lamont Street
  • Veterans Memorial Park (formerly McCampbell Park) Located at the corner of North McCampbell Street and West Maddox Avenue

Existing Facility Lease Agreements / Contracts