Fire Chiefs

1929 – Volunteer Fire Chief Charles C. Tedford

Charles Tedford

1932 – Aransas Pass Fire Chief Ted Bigelow

Ted Bigelow

1954 – First paid Fire Chief Ray B. Crinklow (left) with City Manager Fred Robbins

Ray Crinklow with Fred Robbins beside a fire engine

1959-1968 – Fire Chief Allen Berna

Allen Berna

1955-1989 – Pete M. Martinez, Councilman for 12 years

Pete Martinez

Pete Martinez served as Fire Chief for 34 years before he retired. He is the only Fire Chief to retire from the department. Over the years, Chief Martinez was promoted from Volunteer fireman, to paid fire fighter, truck captain, Assistant Fire Chief/Assistant Fire Marshal. At his retirement he was holding the following positions: Fire Chief/Fire Marshal/ Arson Investigator. Ray B. Crinklow was the chief who hired Martinez as a paid firefighter.