Development Services

The City of Aransas Pass welcomes quality development. Standards are in place to ensure we maintain a vibrant and healthy community with an affordable quality of life while maintaining a low tax rate.


We highly encourage you to meet with staff and request specific information related to your development project. Whether it is a single family home, a subdivision, or commercial development, we want to work with you to ensure we maintain a healthy growth atmosphere.


All requests for change of zoning require notification to all property owners within a 200-foot radius from the subject property's lot lines.  The requests are reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Commission during a public hearing and make a recommendation to the City Council.  The City Council will hold another public hearing and take an action.  The Council's action is the final action.

Comprehensive Plan Public Review

The Comprehensive Plan and recommendations for future development in Aransas Pass are up for public review! Please click the links below to view the documents. Hard copies are available for public viewing at City Hall as well as the Public Works Office.

These documents will be available for public review from October 24, 2018 through November 4, 2018. During this time, we invite residents to review the Comprehensive Plan and provide feedback before the document goes to City Council for adoption. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding the Comprehensive Plan, please contact Development Services at