Subdivision Regulations

The City of Aransas Pass follows model subdivision regulations as outlined in Chapter 24, Platting and Subdivisions, of the City's Code of Ordinances. A copy of this chapter is provided below. Subdivision regulations control the division or development of land within the city limits or the city's extraterritorial jurisdiction.

Final Review & Approval

All plats under the City's jurisdiction are subject to review by City staff, recommendation by the Planning & Zoning Commission, and final approval by the City Council.

Platting Fees

  • Minor/Amending Plat $350.00
  • Non-Public Notice Plat $350.00 + $5.00/lot
  • Public Notice Plat $500.00 + $5.00/lot
  • Plat Time Extension Request $60.00
  • Hardship Variance Request $160.00
  • Plat Appeal Fee $60.00

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction

The City Council has also approved service agreements that apply to areas in the 1-mile Extraterritorial Jurisdiction or ETJ. If you are building or planning to build in those areas, even if you have visited with the County of Aransas, Nueces, or San Patricio, you may be subject to City regulations. We highly encourage you to visit one of our staff for more information.