Aquatics Center Rules

Know Before You Go - The Aransas Pass Aquatics Center Rules

  1. We accept cash, checks, and most debit/credit cards (American Express we do not accept)
  2. Once you have paid to enter the facility if you need to leave to leave the facility for any reason, but wish to return on that same day, please get with the front desk staff to be stamped for re-entry. If you leave the facility for any reason and do not return with the stamp you will have to pay again to re-enter the facility. The stamp is good for the entire day
  3. Children 14 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older for the entire stay at the facility.
  4. Swimming is only permitted when lifeguards are on duty.
  5. Anyone who fails to obey management or a lifeguard may be removed from the facility. Lifeguards reserve the right to refuse admittance to or eject from the pool premises, any persons failing to comply with any of the rules.
  6. Running, pushing, dunking and loud vulgar language will not be permitted.
  7. No outside food or drinks permitted.
  8. The facility employees are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  9. Swimmers must wear appropriate swimwear. No thongs, see-through clothing, jeans, or cut-off items permitted.
  10. Non- swimmers are only allowed in shallow areas of pools.
  11. Contaminating the pool or deck is prohibited.
  12. Children in diapers must wear swim diapers.
  13. A person with skin infections or open wounds is not allowed in the pool.
  14. Tobacco and alcohol is not permitted within the pool complex.
  15. No glass containers allowed.
  16. An adult must accompany all non-swimmers and children under 5 years old into the water.
  17. No pets allowed, with the exception of certified service animals.
  18. All areas around the lifeguard stands must be kept clear in the case of emergency situations.
  19. No fraternizing with the lifeguards.
  20. No public displays of affection (P.D.A.)
  21. Lockers are available on-site, patrons must furnish locks for lockers
  22. Patrons are fully responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged.

Weather Policy

  • In the event that severe weather approaches the area, the Aransas Pass Aquatics Center management will closely monitor local radar and weather reports. If necessary, the pools will be closed and guests will be asked to exit the water. The facility will remain open until conditions allow for re-opening the pools
  • When and if severe weather will affect pool operations is impossible to predict. Therefore, Aransas Pass Aquatics Center cannot predict whether the pools will be closed when severe weather is predicted, nor can they predict when the pools will re-open after a severe weather closure.
  • Decisions will be made on a case by case basis by facility management. If the pools have closed, Aransas Pass Aquatics Center management will re-open them as soon as weather conditions allow.

Slide Rules

  1. Maximum operational load: 1 person, 300 pounds.
  2. Children fewer than 48 inches tall are not permitted on the three larger slides.
  3. Eyeglasses must be secure.
  4. Swimwear with the following are not allowed:
    • Buckles
    • Exposed zippers
    • Metal ornaments
    • Rivets
  5. Only one rider to enter at a time. Single riders only!
  6. The rider must be decent swimmer due to low current at bottom of slides.
  7. Never form chains
  8. The slides must be ridden feet first lying on your back with legs crossed at the ankles and arms folded across chest.
  9. Riders must wait for the attendants start signal before starting the ride.
  10. Do not uncross your legs or attempt to sit up until you come to a stop in the pool.
  11. Do not:
    • Dive
    • Kneel
    • Rotate
    • Run
    • Stand
    • Stop in the slides
  12. At the end of the slide, obey all instructions by the lifeguard and exit quickly.
  13. Do not block the end of the slide.
  14. Leave the splash pool quickly and orderly.
  15. No swimming or flotation devices allowed in the splash pool or on slides.
    Caution: For safety reasons, pregnant women and persons with heart conditions or back trouble should not ride these slides!

Diving Rules

  1. Only one bounce off the diving board.
  2. Only one person on diving board at a time.
  3. Absolutely no horseplay in diving area.
  4. No running off the diving board.
  5. No diving until the area is clear.
  6. Dive or jump in a straight line from the end of the board.
  7. Swim to the closest ladder immediately after entering the water.
  8. Use the diving board only under the direct supervision of a lifeguard.
  9. Maximum weight: 250 lbs.

Kiddie Pool Rules

  1. Swimmers that are not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper. Swim diapers will be available for sale at front desk.
  2. Parents/Guardians must help keep surveillance of swimmers at all times.
  3. No food or drinks are allowed in the pool areas.

Kiddie Pool Slide

  1. Riders must remain seated on kiddie slide, 1 rider at a time
  2. Riders must go down slide feet first. No Head First!
  3. Riders/Swimmers must not block end of the slide.
  4. Adults are not allowed on the kiddie slide.

For More Information

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