Municipal Code Compliance Request Process

  1. Receive complaint.
  2. Investigate to determine if a violation exists.
  3. If the complaint does not constitute a Municipal Code violation, the person filing the complaint and the alleged violator will be notified and informed of the reason the situation does not constitute a violation.
  4. If a violation does exist, the property owner or violator will be contacted and informed of the violation, what actions are needed to remedy the situation, and given a specific compliance deadline date. The complainant will also be notified of status.
  5. On the compliance deadline date, Code Compliance Staff will verify that compliance has been attained. If this is found to be the case, the file will be closed. The complainant will also be notified of status.
  6. If, upon re-inspection, the violation still exists, the property owner or violator will be contacted. A citation may be issued and the case information prepared for Municipal Court.

Compliance Factors

Please be aware that different types of complaints and violations have different time frames for compliance. This is based on a number of factors, including public safety and the ease of required corrective actions. The intent of the compliance process is to be as fair as possible to all involved parties, and to ensure that the livability of our community is maintained through communication, education, and mutual respect.

Municipal Code

Citizens are encouraged to refer to the Municipal Code to provide a basis for a complaint and, if possible, communicate directly with the responsible party to try to resolve the matter privately.

Online Form

Visit our online form to file a complaint.