Building Board of Standards and Appeals


The duties of the board include establishing rules and regulations for its own procedures; hold hearings to hear complaints required in writing by citizens whose property is, or may be, affected adversely by the application of provisions of the code. 

Composition and Terms

The Building Board of Standards and Appeals is comprised of five (5) members appointed by the City Council who shall be a resident of the City.  The composition shall be composed of two (2) members chosen from the following:  a realtor, an architect, an engineer, a general contractor, home builder, or a building materials dealer; two (2) members at large from the residents of the City who are homeowners; and one (1) commercial business owner. Each member is limited to six (6) consecutive years.   The unexcused absence of any member from three (3) consecutive meetings of the board shall automatically terminate membership on the board. Each term is two (2) years. 


The board meets at regular intervals, at least twice a year.

Board Members

MemberTerm Date
VACANT, Chairman
Commercial Business Owner
Dennis Peacock (At Large)
Rickie Kilgore (At Large)09/01/2025
Elizabeth Dorris (Realtor)09/01/2024
Myron Schroeder (Engineer)09/01/2024