Utility Services

In order to establish, disconnect or transfer utility services with the City of Aransas Pass, the following forms must be completed and submitted.

Review Municipal Code Ordinances relating to Sewer and Water services.

 To submit via fax, please fax to 361-758-4854

By submitting these forms, the applicant hereby requests the City of Aransas Pass, Texas hereinafter called the City, to provide and install to the premises, described above, service line of lines and all necessary fittings and equipment to provide water and/or sewer service to the property of the applicant, and in consideration of the City's investment in so doing, applicant has granted, and by these presents does grant, to the City, its successors and assigns, a right of way and easement under, on, along, and over said premises in and upon which to install and maintain such above described service line or lines and equipment. It is understood and agreed that such service line or lines and equipment shall be and remain the property of the City; that the City shall have the right to enter on said premises at any time for all purposes connected with said services and repair and maintenance of said service line or lines and equipment; and, if said service, or services shall be discontinued on said premises for any cause, City shall have and is hereby given the unqualified right to enter thereon at any time, remove and repossess itself of said service line, or lines and all said equipment, all damages and costs in connection therewith and with City's exercise of any right here in and/or by the undersigned granted to City being hereby expressly waived. Undersigned applicant, his successors and assigns, agree to protect City's property on said premises and will not tamper with or remove such property or permit same to be done without the City's consent. For providing said service line or lines, the applicant agrees to pay, when due, the appropriate fees for water services and/ or sewer service and/or garbage service. The applicant further requests and agrees to take and pay City for such service and/or services supplied to say premises at City's rates at any time prevailing and established and upon its terms at any time applicable to the class of service furnished.

To establish service, the Utility Service Agreement (PDF) must be signed first.

Sign up to establish, discontinue, or transfer utility service.

Please call our office at 361.758.5301 if you have any questions. For email assistance, please email the city manager.