RV Permitting During Recovery

The City of Aransas Pass has temporarily waived some zoning restrictions to help with recovery after Hurricane Harvey. Normally, the use of an RV outside of an RV Park or RV Subdivision is highly restricted. During this time, we are lifting those restrictions and allowing residents and business owners to use RV's as temporary residences while rebuilding. To use an RV as a temporary residence, you still must be permitted. To get a one-year RV permit, you must:

  • Show that the RV is registered and roadworthy.
  • Be using an RV with waste containment facilities OR have working sewer available.
  • Be permitted for repairs/construction through the City of Aransas Pass.
  • Pay the reduced $50 permit fee.

RV Permits are available at the Public Works Office at 601 N. Avenue A. Safety is our primary concern at this time - we appreciate your patience.