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Garage Sale Permit Application

  1. Sec. 10.5-2 - Intent
    It is the intent of this chapter to regulate, restrict and control sales as outlined in section 10.5-1 conducted on residential premises within the city.
  2. Sec. 10.5-3 - Prohibitions
    All so-called home sales shall be subject to the following rules and regulations a) No on shall accept or take in for sale any goods for any commercial business or enterprise on a consignment basis b) No sign shall be posted anywhere in the city advertising such sales: except that the property owner may install on the residential lot on which such sale is to be held one (1)sign not larger than two (2) feet by three (3) feet advertising such sale. Such sign shall be erected not sooner than one (1) day prior to the date of the sale and shall be removed at the end of the last day upon which the sale is held. c) Not more than three (3) sales per annum shall be held at the premises if occupied by the same family or any member of such family. d) Any sale conducted pursuant to the provisions hereof shall be confined to the period between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm of any day and shall not extend in excess of three (3) days.
  3. Sec. 10.5-4 - Permit Required
    any person conducting a home sale or other sale as described herein shall be required to obtain a permit therefor from the city building inspector. Applications for such permit shall be made to the city building inspector in such form as may be required by the city and shall be accompanied by a permit fee in the amount of five dollars ($5.00)
  4. Sec 10.5-5 -Penalty for Violations of Chapter
    Any violation of the terms of this chapter shall be deemed a misdemeanor; and upon conviction thereof, any person so violating shall be fined any sum not exceeding two hundred dollars ($200.00)
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