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City Open Records

  1. Your Request will be reviewed and a response will be given within 10 business days.
  2. I / We, the above named Individual / Business do hereby request the following information under the authority of the Texas Public Information Act. It is understood that a fee will be charged by the City of Aransas Pass for the service(s) provided, and these charges follow established policy and law of the City of Aransas Pass and the State of Texas.
  3. Price per information:
    $0.10 - per page or part of a page
    $0.50 - per oversize paper copy
    $1.00 - Rewritable CD or Writable CD
    $15.00 per Hour - Labor costs incurred in processing a request that is over 50 pages.
    $28.50 per Hour - A request requiring the service of a programmer in order to execute an existing program or to create a new program so information may be accessed and copied.
  4. For the list of charges please visit:
    Texas Administrative Code
    Title 1 - Administration
    Part 3 - Office of the Attorney General
    Chapter 70 - Cost of Copies of Public Information
    Rule §70.3 - Charges for providing copies of Public Information
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